Trump does not sound remotely healthy. Here are a few examples. He never should’ve been checked out of #WalterReed #TrumpIsNotWell #TrumpIsUnwell #TrumpHasCovid
That’s not a simple frog in your throat. I get bronchitis yearly. He sounds like he’s on cough reducers (ricola)wearing off (I would know). #TrumpIsNotWell #TrumpIsUnwell
I’m not the only one seeing or hearing this....
And then there was this from just a few nights ago....
Not to mention the insanity that he spewed
What the hell is he high on?!? The upside down makes more fucking sense than this..... #TrumpIsNotWell #TrumpIsUnwell #TrumpIsANationalDisgrace
Trump already had severe conditions and ailments. Many have noticed his loss of control of his right arm for quite a while...
And it’s not the first time that’s caught on video
Yes he seems to be going to great links to convince America he is well.... even using Green screen technology
I swear I could add to this thread for weeks. Here is Trump claiming to have beaten Biden in the second debate… only there hasn’t been one
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