Making a callout post JUST to "alert" people that someone draws/writes certain fictional content (content that the creator makes clear in their bio, ao3, carrd, etc) is harassment.

I am NOT budging on this. These "call out" posts are unnecessary. If the content creator-
has the ships they draw/write in their bio or carrd or if their ao3 fics are all clearly tagged, they are doing nothing wrong and your call out post is nothing more than a "this person makes content for Bad Ships, isn't that gross? they're a bad person" tweet. It's harassment.
You are putting them on blast for fictional fanart/fic. You KNOW that person is going to face harassment when you accuse them of something as serious as "sexualizing minors" because of their fanart/fanfic. You KNOW what you're doing when you make those "call out" tweets.
"Well they make nsfw content so I'm alerting MINORS about it so they can stay safe." No you're not. Those minors wouldn't have even known about that content creator until your call out post. And if they did stumble across them, they would've seen the nsfw tags or M/E fic ratings.
Stop using "I'm trying to protect minors" or "I'm trying to alert the fandom" as an excuse. We see right though y'all. This is not what this is about. Y'all just love to attach heavy accusations of "sexualizing minors" onto people who make fanart/fic that makes you uncomfy.
I've had it up to here with this bullshit. How many people have been harassed to the point of self-harming and ending up in the hospital? One alone is too many. I'm gonna plug this thread again so I don't ramble on too long here
If you don't like what someone in your fandom draws/writes, quietly block them and move on. Alert your friends via DM.

But if the content creator tags their stuff and is clear what they ship and what content they make, anyone with eyes and a brain can figure it out for themself
they don't need your useless-ass call out post. It's just targeted harassment. An excuse to bully and dogpile someone with fancams and "pedo" accusations. This is cruel. It's harassing people. And over what? Over some damn anime characters.
And I'm sick of fantis playing victim after they get backlash for calling out an artist/writer too. You can dish it but you can't take it I guess. Boo hoo, maybe you should've had that consideration for the artist you put on blast but you don't, bc you think they "deserve it"
You think people deserve harassment, deserve being run off of twitter, deserve being run out of their fandoms because they made some nsfw fanart about anime characters. They wrote words on a screen to make fake, fictional concepts do something. Y'all are pathetic.
Someone had the nerve to tell me to "go outside, touch grass" today after all this like lmaooo excuse me?? Y'all are the ones making a call out post because someone wrote fanfic of anime characters. I'm NOT the one who needs to go touch some grass, hun.
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