The proud boys was a means by which to corral disgruntled straight white men into a movement that would be unthreatening to the establishment (they have liberal views on race, homosexuality, Zionism). Instead they back "Western chauvinism". Seems even that is no longer allowed.
The proud boys definition of "western chauvinism", included "judaeo-christian values", so by Hegelian dialectic, "east" became synonymous with "islam". They were allowed to bash islam, Israel's narrative enemy. But Israel's alliance with UAE & Saudi means they're no longer useful
The proud boys are not allowed to be racist, They are white men who have to accept leadership by a black latino man. The only time they are allowed to be racist is if that racism was directed towards Palestinians, because they are the people that Israel is trying to exterminate.
But what evidence do I have that the Proud boys was israel's way of gatekeeping right wing white men? Is this just my levantine bias? Well, consider that Gavin Mcinnis founded the proud boys while he was employed by Ezra Levant, who funded his government minded trip to Israel.
But now comes the kicker, the reason I say proud boys in past tense. Israels unholy alliance with SaudiArabia means the door to Western "chauvinism" will open wider to muslim immigrant, so long as they embrace zionism & empire. The Israeli right wants multiculturalism in the west
The Balfour declaration written by Lord Balfour to Lord Rothschild declared "Palestine a home for the Jewish people, but nothing shall be done which may prejudice the rights and political status enjoyed jews in any other country". You see Israel can't exist without the diaspora.
Some white nationalists tried to ask zionists for the right to a state. They say "you have your ethno-state, so can we have ours?" But Zionists say, why should we? We want our cake and to eat it too, and you have no power to do anything about it. The words of Malcom X fit here.
Without Gavin Mcinnis as a leader, the proud boys doesn’t have as coherent of an ideology. They splintered. But what they mainly still share in common is the support for Trump, and yet he said he doesn't know who they are then condemned them. What now?
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