NYC teachers lost their retro pay today, that has been due to them for the past ten years. They planned ahead for this balloon payment and will now be behind on multiple bills on the 15th.

I’ve watched my wife stress the hell out as she worked to plan for a safe reopening with
her 2nd grade students. She planned almost daily with her principal, toured the building with the custodian, and oh yeah, planned lessons for her students. Like all teachers she is risking her life and the lives of her students and family everyday to ensure a quality education
for her kids and to help us pay our mortgage, buy groceries, pay utilities, cable and cell phone bills, put gas in the car, and pay off student loans. She’s pissed because of the disregard and disrespect that teachers continue to endure, just like all of our essential workers
at the hands of elected leaders who lack the competence, empathy and compassion necessary to hold office. The city knew this was a possibility for months but only informed teachers today. And while the NYPD, whose union endorsed Trump, did not lose a dime from their budget, our
teachers are losing millions. It’s clear where our priorities lie as a nation, and it’s clear that we need transformative change. Blame Trump, blame the republicans in the senate, blame regressive taxes, but more than anything, blame a system that centers profits over people.
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