Combat Tactics, Mr Ryan

What does it mean?

In Red October they rigged for red and then a missile was incoming. Instead of running away, the captain turned the sub fast right into the missile.

It bounced right off the hull.

What does this mean for Trump?
I see only two possibilities, and only two because I'm of the opinion that 17 is the real deal.
Before that, it should be clear that Nancy's arrow was Covid-19.

Notice how early reports insisted that Trump was doing terrible. That he was just hanging by a thread.

Combat tactics, Mr Ryan!
They must have been surprised Trump got Covid when he did. Who pulled the trigger so fast? This was supposed to happen THIS WEEKEND not last...
Somehow Trump got it early (he knew the plot and aimed the sub towards Pelosis arrow instead of trying to escape it)

No matter! They have to Pivot but still try to keep the plan.
The plan was to at least disable Trump, and force a debate cancellation. If anything worse happens? Oh they would have been just fine with that.
So what was the combat tactic exactly?
First possibility is that Trump infected himself!

He'd use a weakened version of Covid that has been utilized in Vaccine development.

He's got the best doctors in the entire world on stand by.

He likely is still taking HCQ.

It also let's him pitch some radical cures.
A bit risky as he's still the #1 risk group for covid. But he's a brave man, he might go for it.
The other possibility is that he completely faked it.

He purposely caught a cold and had some known faulty tests taken.
I think #1 is most likely.

I think everyone at ACB's meet and greet knew they were going to infect themselves with a neutored virus.

Look at the Senate now. The ONLY business is the confirmation now. Period.
Democrats didn't want to have this be a focus because they know they'll lose their cool. They don't want a Kavanaugh 2.0...
The plan was to have Trump be sick right now and Nancy would then use her second quiver (many arrows) and invoke the 25th amendment.

All the sudden its Biden vs Pence.
Biden would much rather battle Pence since Pence wasn't targeted for a coup by Biden. Plus the debate will be more civil.

They still have to go ahead with this broken plan now.

It'll be interesting to see what they try to pull tomorrow.
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