In wake of #Michigan militia plot, Right media is attempting to paint far-Right Boogaloo Boy who praised Kyle Rittenhouse for killing "commies" as left-wing anarchist because he can be seen in videos next to flag with crudely drawn 'anarchy' symbol + ranted against cops + Trump.
Republicans like Ted Cruz have also attempted on numerous occasions to paint members of the Boogaloo Boys as anarchists, antifascists, or supporters of Black Lives Matter, when they are clearly supporters of far-Right ideologies.
"Extremism" experts have also attempted, at times, to lump anarchists and Boogaloo Boys together. When the following article was published by the ADL, it attempted to claim that anarchists were pushing "Boogaloo memes." They've since changed the article.
The "anti-Government" militia movement is not opposed to the political State, but wants a more authoritarian version based around centralizing supreme power of law enforcement + auxiliary militias within society to protect racial + class divisions.
Anarchists are fundamentally anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist, and seek to replace systems of domination and exploitation such as wage labor + the political State with horizontally organized forms of community based decision making and control.
Being a far-Right boogaloo boy who posts memes praising Rittenhouse for "smoking commies" while owning a flag with a PuNk rOCK anarchy symbol + calling the Declaration of Independence an "anarchist document" makes you politically an idiot - not an anarchist.
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