They’re targeting the NUCLEAR family because they know if the family is torn apart it’ll be easier to conquer human beings. Divided we fall UNITED we STAND. Children have always been a commodity to the Elites. Child sex trafficking alone makes more than Drugs
& the Illegal Gun Trade!! 800,000 Children a year go missing in the United States. Can you imagine the number of kids that go missing around the WORLD each year? That’s only the children that get reported! DCFS & CPS are a big part of it! They get paid for each child they take
From their family. The Foster Parents get paid to take the child in & they get paid more if they have a disability. Most of the time when a child gets sexually assaulted, raped, or go missing the caseworkers COVER IT UP!! They don’t want to lose the money & some are scared to
Tell Law Enforcement.. Lawyers, Judges, Therapists etc are all in on it. Nancy Schaefer was MURDERED because she discovered DCFS & other services were trafficking children. A few whistleblowers were murdered for discovering the TRUTH!!
5/ It’s been reported over & over 6 TIMES as many children die in foster care than the general public. The child is far more likely to suffer abuse including sexual molestation &/or rape!
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