This thread is titled THE TROUBLED VOTER. Y'all.. we got this. Don't look at the polls. Don't listen to CNN. This is all last ditch B's. Go to the polls and do the right thing. The really right thing. Not like the Obama right thing. If you are on the left you are in for the most
dissatisfaction with an election in your lifetime. If your undecided you spend way too much time watching CNN. Just get a grip. Study the facts. And think about your future grandchildren. If you do that you also will do the right thing. The trick here is to get up and go to the
polls and get everyone you know and vote. Not rocket science. We have the base. We have the enthusiasm. No one has ever run a campaign as negative as Biden/Harris have run. Negative doesn't work. So everyone let not your heart be troubled. We will get through this.
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