Proof that this fake
No way Messi has 369 assists, he has 326 assists currently and this is based on transfermarkt, the website which was used to determine Messi being the first player to have 1000 goal contribution
So assist stat is fake
Dribbles stat is fake, there's no legit stat of Ronaldo's and Messi’s career dribbles, the only stat that exists is the number of completed dribbles Ronaldo and Messi did from 2006 to probably 2018 or 2019, the title of the pic says career stats not stats of certain period, fake
No way Ronaldo has 78 through balls in his career, like wtf, 17 years and 78 through balls! Fake af, you can just watch Ronaldo's passing videos on YouTube and you’ll see a lot lot more than just 78 through balls there
Outside the box goals stat is actually pretty old, I saw this stat quite a long time ago, this stat has obviously changed in the past few years
There's no legit stats of motm awards of Ronaldo and Messi, most people actually count the motm from the rating of mobile apps
Again, there's no official rating system of fifa for a particular player, these ratings are based on mobile app ratings which makes no sense and is biased, different apps give different ratings
I'm not sure about the stats of individual awards, it looks fake, need list of all the awards and the amount they've won in their career, only then I'll believe it, otherwise I'm not buying it
Career trophies is fake because it included Messi’s trophies won with the youth team, youth team achievements aren’t counted in professional career achievements, no one counts it in career trophies, not even Messi fanboys like goal and bleacher
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