2) Discussions that we have been engaged in

how we go forward

unless we crush [crush=69 > f.alse flag=69]

since March 4th > [read: march forth (not fourth)]

testing testing testing [9+4=13 > their number]

focal point


bill that we put forth
3) Heroes Act [ THEIR heroes – not ours]

honors our heroes

state and local

on the front line

teachers [three times > teachers = 79 > murder =79]

risk their lives

save other lives

protect them and our children

we have to do what we do


4) not just about having the language

over and over

listen to the scientists

testing tracing treatment



sanitation, did I say that? [sanitation =122 > michael flynn =122 > have to distract from declass]


lays out the plan
5) plan that energy and commerce put together under leadership of Frank Pallone [congressman – NJ]

put together [put together=155 > Michael Richard Pence=155]

science science science [science=58 > 5+8=13 > again three times=174 > New World Order=174]
6) what we have to do to crush


the death toll rises

nearly 5 months ago



they disdain governance

obey science

you are required to do this

we're on a path

we've all been working very hard

common ground
7) agree on language

we have an understanding

on the score

of the language

testing tracing treating

they just want money

showing up at one of his golf clubs

buy their stuff

this is a plan

a strategic plan

Mr. Pallone will describe

helped put together and support
8) he was waling away

surprised a lot of people

discussion that we were having

walked away from our children

virtually, actually or in hybrid form [wtf?]

educate our children

poor children

initiatives that help the force children [??]

put money in the pockets
9) all of it coronavirus-centric [said three times]

our heroes

police and fire

teachers teachers teachers


we just don't care

you just don't matter

lives, livelihood and life

planting, staking out the territory

people will know

there is a plan
10) perfect physical specimen

I could agree with that


disassociation from reality


enablers around who are enabling death

the death toll to rise

have to shed a bright light

what has been possible for months

contempt for congress

disdain for governance
11) that's why there's one thing

a priority

it's crushing

denial delay distortion

a priority

it's crushing

denial delay distortion

lack of reality


place this in the context

reach as many people as possible

full time, fully focus [FF > twice]
12) [2 taps on podium]

full focus on the nomination

somebody can be in there on time

November 10th



this in the time

going to court



benefit [emphasized]

150 million

depend upon


tens of millions

13) overturning


so many aspects

much of it paid for

misrepresent the truth

he has a plan

that benefit

we haven't seen it in 4 years [said twice – poss reference to 44 > Renegade]

unlimited expenses

that would come


removes the insurance
14) what they would spend on a person

lives are at stake

in the balance

this is deadly serious

let's take a serious

not a skinny, not an emaciated

a serious, appropriate approach to crushing

then talk about some of the other good things that would flow from that
15) a person who's spent decades on these issues

his leadership at this time to address this issue

End pf Part 1 - I'll post a link to Part 2 here when it's finished.
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