How To Use Failure To Your Advantage

Guess what? You're going to fail.

But that's OK. It's actually a good thing

Let me show you why

No matter what your goal is, at some point you will encounter some form of failure

Most people give up here and use this failure to justify quitting on their dreams

However, they've missed one important piece of the puzzle.

Failure is actually a good thing if used properly
School has conditioned you to believe failure is bad

They do this by using their outdated teaching system

If you fail, you're no good

Children don't developed the awareness to know this form of thinking is wrong & thus carry it into their adult lives as part of their identity
What school & society should have taught you is this

Failure is good if you learn from it and try again until you succeed

Failure is bad if you give up and quit

You should never attach failure to your identity or take it personally
Failure should be viewed from the perspective of trial & error

When you fail at something, you should examine why that failure occurred

You should then ask yourself "what would I do differently next time to make this same situation a success"

Form a strategy and then try again
View failure as an obstacle

When you try to accomplish a goal, you'll always encounter obstacles

Use the trial and error method to continuously examine the obstacle and try different approaches to overcome it. Eventually you will succeed

This process will then repeat itself
Fail your way to success

When you were a child, you didn't magically walk around

You had to fail a bunch of times and constantly readjust until you got the hang of it

Goals and dreams are no different

Use the same approach to obtain success

It's your natural instinct as a human to engage in trial & error to accomplish a goal

Don't let the outdated school system & society convince you otherwise

No matter what, never quit & continue to overcome those obstacles all the way to success

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