Trust me, if you had been in or near a Covid ward, if you had been struggling for breath with no idea whether they'd end up intubating you, or whether you'd see your family, or even a whole human face again, if you had felt that icy fear, the terrifying loneliness of it...

... you would NEVER spout that "we'll just have to learn to live alongside it" BS. Instead, you'd want, as I do - on behalf of all those who have suffered, who have died, who have nursed and attended - to punch the f*cking lights out of anyone who repeats it...

.. and as for the academics, those few, those happy few, who for reasons of attention or contrariness or stupidity or sponsorship - God knows - who, without submitting to peer review, pronounce with gravitas these same "it's just flu" lies...

... and as for the media, the editors and the journalists who platform this nonsense, even as, daily, the numbers and the bodies pile up (no matter how hard the government tries to bury the figures), offering so-called 'balance' to a need which is as plain as your nose..

... as if pointing out that the costs of lockdown are socially and economically enormous somehow meant that the plague would go away, or that the suffering in our hospitals were not real, or the grieving of families were not real, or that the explosion of mortality which ....

... "letting the virus rip through the community" would WITHOUT DOUBT entail.. as if somehow all of that could be trumped by the oh-so-smart reminder that dramatic action comes at dramatic cost..

To all of those people, I say LISTEN TO YOURSELVES. You are sowing division, you are wilfully preventing cohesion and concerted community action, you are distracting from the real issue (that, until medicine advances, we MUST build effective test track and isolate) ..

... you are promoting ideological selfishness (aka libertarianism) over society, as if that could POSSIBLY work against a virus...

... and, well, let's talk turkey: you are not just advocating death, but causing it.

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