@ishehnaaz_gill hi I want to tell u that I'm a pure sidheart who loves #SidNaaz bond a lot
I just want to say that Positive SidHearts like me Loves u a lot
We know that u may got hurted with that promo when I seen that promo I swear I didn't like it but we know it's his job
@ishehnaaz_gill ji we can understand ur feelings at the same time #SidNaazians r also in a situation where they need to support both Sid & Sana
Becoz it is about profession vs personal life
As u always said that Trust is the important thing I hope that u will stuck on ur words
@ishehnaaz_gill ji we also Know that u left MSK Show for Sid
Ur Gesture really won our hearts
Becoz u given more importance to ur own feelings than a show
But u know Sid never give up & never loosing attitude once he took up something he will give his 100% in it
@ishehnaaz_gill ji as u said in SidNaaz Live both of u may work with any1 & whatever maybe the project We Love u both
We just want to say that Trust him
We Love u both
Thank u
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