Moderna has issued a statement in which they say they will not enforce their covid vaccine patents. They also provide information on the relevant U.S patents for their mRNA covid vaccine. On it's face this is a positive statement. 
But when reading the statement there remain a number of questions that may not be obvious to non lawyers. Why language is important. 

The key part of Moderna's statement can be broken down as follows:
"Moderna will not enforce our COVID-19 related patents against those making vaccines intended to combat the pandemic."

Interpretation: Moderna will not license patents or share know-how on how to make their vaccine but will not enforce their patents if anyone infringes them.
"Further, to eliminate any perceived IP barriers to vaccine development during the pandemic period, upon request we are also willing to license our intellectual property for COVID-19 vaccines to others for the post pandemic period."

Key words here "for the post pandemic period."
The above sentence is either terribly drafted or brilliantly to create the perception they will license. the key words are "for the post pandemic period" at the the end of the sentence. Suggests they will only license to others post-pandemic, which is subject to their definition.
Moderna should clarify their statement. As it reads it suggests they will be the only supplier during the "pandemic period" unless someone reverse engineers a similar mRNA vaccine. I don't see anywhere in the statement that they will not charge and make a profit e.g at cost..
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