Random thought, maybe it's not relatable at all, but I'm starting to realize my biggest struggle with mental health isn't recognizing when I'm struggling, it's believing it's in my control.

A lot of times, I start to see things happening: poorer hygiene, forgetfulness (1/3)
I think "Oh, that's just me doing that. I stayed up late. I forgot to eat"& it turns into something I think I have control over until I'm reminded I don't really

And honestly that's why it's taken me this long to seek help. Because "I'll just stop doing it" sounded possible(2/3)
Because it's not easy to admit something you're doing isn't conscious or wanted. It's hard to say you've lost control, especially when you already struggle w/ that.

Idk how to wrap this thread neatly, I don't feel neat lately. But maybe you recognize something in that, too (3/3)
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