NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is speaking on Parliament Hill right now about their new plan to tax big companies that have revived “excess profits” due to the pandemic. Singh offers no details on how his plan would work or the level at which these companies would be taxed #cdnpoli
Singh says the excess profit tax would target companies like grocery atore chains, that have made substantially more during Covid vs pre-Covid. Singh also calls out Amazon. #cdnpoli
Singh also says he wants to at least double the corporate tax rate #cdnpoli
Singh doesn’t have a specific number or percentage for his excess profit tax rate but says he would work with the PBO to determine the best way to implement the program #cdnpoli
Should clarify that Singh said this in the context of his excess profit tax idea. One of his ideas is companies could be taxed at double the corporate tax rate, once their profit has exceeded what they averaged pre-pandemic #cdnpoli https://twitter.com/Gray_Mackenzie/status/1314231600629116928
Singh says he does not support increasing the GST #cdnpoli
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