Nancy Pelosi is losing it right now. She struggles with answering even the most basic questions in a straightforward manor. She's scolding reporters for not asking the right questions. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Nancy Pelosi's top contributor list:

Disney, Alphabet, Microsoft, Stanford...

...Kaiser Permanente (COVID profits)

Facebook, AT&T, Berkshire Hathaway....

...Planned Parenthood

Who does Nancy Pelosi answer to?

What does this list tell you about current events?

Who runs WHO?
How's that for public accountability?

Did Nancy ever hightail it the hell out of there.

It must have been the very large group of intimidating reporters demanding answers for the public record.

Nancy needed a drink.

It's already after 8AM for cryin out loud!
While we are on the topic of Kaiser Permanente, Nancy Pelosi & the #Democrats in general...let's talk about who might be benefiting, financially, from an extended COVID outbreak in the US.

Looking at this chart, it appears to be the Dems & Kaiser Permanente.

At our expense.
Kaiser Permanente's top 10 donor list of 2020.

Of course they greased the Trump campaign.

But keep looking at that list.

8/10 of top donations are Democrats
1 is Bernie Sanders...effectively the same thing

Trump is the only Republican
Kaiser Permanente donates overwhelmingly to Democrats by a large margin. #COVID19 #COVID #Coronavirus #FollowTheMoney
WHO is calling for the global shutdown of our economies while the medical industry racks up fees for procedures that are of questionable value?

WHO promotes kicking the #COVID19 can down the road instead of opening back up?

Mostly #Dems

Look at that list of #DNC superstars!
What it all adds up to in 2020, during the peak of #COVID_19, #KaiserPermanente & the #Democrats are benefitting, mutually it seems, from the shutdown of our economy.

They seem in no hurry to open things back up.

Ever wonder why that might be?
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