These changes will be reflected on our website once we release our annual hate census in early 2021.
Wanting separation from a society that has historically and systemically oppresses Black communities isn’t extremism. Black dissent isn’t black violence, and equivocating them enables this over-policing of Black activism.
Our current definition of Black separatism shares language with federal attempts to criminalize Black activism. We reject federal authorities' attempts to use Black separatists' involvement in activism as justification for over-policing activists in communities of color.
Due to the way we currently list Black Separatist groups, it appears that they are more numerous than White Nationalist groups, which are not categorized as one group. Instead, we categorize them according to the nuances of their ideologies.
Going forward, groups formerly listed as Black Separatist groups will be categorized according to the antisemitism, anti-LGBTQ, misogynist and/or xenophobic nature of their rhetoric and ideology.
We will also create a category to address antisemitism more broadly. That category will include not just groups formerly listed as Black Separatist, but also Holocaust deniers and other groups that espouse antisemitism.
We plan to continue our work fighting hate and extremism through partnerships with community organizers and other allies on the ground. To do this work, we must be specific, accurate and antiracist.
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