Where are the admins who've been trumpeting their institutions' "commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion?" Why no public stands against this clear threat to both academic freedom and free speech? Your silence is deafening. https://twitter.com/sarahdeer/status/1314002564954849283
In the absence of evidence to the contrary, I will interpret the acquiescence to this fraudulent, and legally toothless, order as an admission you don't really care about the work, just the PR.
White privilege is a thing. White admins have a platform, as well as the accumulated power of unearned privileges and benefits that stem from being a white managerial elite. Unless you're willing to leverage that power for equity work, you really aren't about that work at all.
The alacrity with which some higher ed administrators have made it clear they will abide by this diktat, despite how blatantly it violates their institutions' stated mission and values, leads me to believe this is what they want, too. Frauds, all of them.
Those who get paid lots of money because of their purported abilities to lead innovatively and bravely are just stealing their paychecks right now.
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