Judes Vale is a small town with a large graveyard in the North of England.
I think we're about a quarter the way through this.
Will twitter let you do a thread more than 200 long?
I guess we'll find out.
Stuff's about to get weirder.
I'm (pretty much) only tweeting this until it's done, so you could turn notifications on for Judes Vale, if you wanted.
Tweet 100
And I think we're about a third the way through.
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The script for this is 90 pages long.
This is on page 34
It's tweet 108
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Judes Vale was originally an idea for a TV show
I wrote 1 ep. Loved it, got carried away & wrote 5

Each about the same length as an ep of Vera.
Foolish, as the number of TV companies that look at unsolicited scripts is close to zero...
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Ep 1's an introduction & the least weird
Ep 2 (this one) starts to stray from the classic detective show (see below) but you still know where you are. The detectives solve the crime. It's the Brooks and Mable show.
Ep 3 though...
...In Episode 3 Brooks and Mable make an early appearance and then aren't in it till the end.
It's like one of those films that's told from a few perspectives like Pulp Fiction.
More overlap than Pulp Fiction though.
The same event seen from a few points of view...
Episode 4 is told from the perspective of a person who is both victim and criminal. Again Brooks and Mable take a back seat.
Something happens to the protagonist at the start that causes them to doubt reality. It's audacious and feels like sci-fi/detective until it's explained...
#writing #CrimeFiction #fiction #webcomic This is me writing the series I want to watch
Ep1 straight detective
ep 2 folk horror mixed in
ep3 Pulp Fiction
ep4... comedy, actually. It's funny
I'd love a show, where you didn't know exactly what it'd be until you watched it...
⬆️hey, it looks like a giant eye! (on purpose)⬆️
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In Judes Vale, Judes Vale is a character. An antagonist.
Coincidence, in writing, is meant to be bad. But coincidence is baked into Judes Vale.
If you lived there it'd feel like the town was playing games with you.
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...but coincidence shouldn't help.
Coincidence in Judes Vale complicates.
A suicide lands on a murder, coincidence.
One of the investigators knows him, coincidence.

It doesn't solve problems. It causes them...
#writing #CrimeFiction #fiction #webcomic The script for this section was longer. They were the weird kids who wore sunglasses in class for a while. Feared and bullied for it.
Then chased by reporters on the way home.
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It is a bad time.

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Tweeting a Murder mystery.
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Tweeting a Murder mystery.
Oh look. It's Mr Mable.
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#writing #amwriting ...That last scene is longer in the script. It goes into the TV show Mable's watching. A horror.
The man on screen dies. His back splits open & a plant grows out.
It doesn't mean much on it's own but a TV show means something in a later ep & that was a primer.
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Judes Vale, part 127
Judes Vale. Part 128
This was longer in the original script.
Originally Jake White's hard drive had been removed, but McEnery found a Rio PMP300 MP3 player from 1998.
It couldn't play the files on it & they discovered that White had been using it for photo storage.
Judes Vale. Part 129
...because old tech is sorta secure.
The PMP300 needed an old old freaky wire.
People find USB sticks all the time in dramas, but what if you found a floppy disk?
It'd be a ball ache just to find some tech to play it on.
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Judes Vale. Part 130
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Judes Vale. Part 131
A flashback.
Judes Vale 132
This happened to me a couple of times in my previous life as a pattern maker. Prints smoothed off due to sanding. They only take a day or two to come back.
Judes Vale 133
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Judes Vale 134
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We're close to half way.
Judes Vale 135
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I thought I was clear.
Judes Vale 137
Now we have a name at least.
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Judes Vale 138
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It's not drugs.
Judes Vale 139
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I think the comics medium is held back a little by our familiarity with film.
It's easy for a creator to see their work as a film and so forget they're making a comic and not a story board for a movie...
Judes Vale 140
...If you look back through Judes Vale you'll see a few instances (for instance) where speech bubbles cross panel borders.
And in 136 Richard looks from his panels to Brooks and Mable in their panels.
It's easy to forget this kind of stuff can be done in comics.
Judes Vale 141
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My fav detective drama TV show is Vera.
Love Vera.

My wife helped out on an episode of Vera a couple of seasons back. (She moved her car so they could get a shot)
Judes Vale 142
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You must have done it wrong.
Judes Vale 143
Judes Vale 145
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Brooks and Mable are fallible. Normal, I guess. They make mistakes, but get there in the end.
Judes Vale 146
Someone is tweeting a murder mystery, and it's me.

If you think your Mum might like something like Vera crossed with Fargo, or Happy Valley, written by someone into things like the Stone Tape, you should tell her.
Judes Vale 147
Nice blinds?
Judes Vale 147
#webcomic detective fiction. #writing #amwriting
I miss-numbered the last tweet. Should have been 148.
It's all ruined now

Knowing that we'd return to this moment I purposefully put in a memorable moment as the jumping off/on point

You remember Briony?
(She was told to do something else in the script)
Judes Vale 150
Should she be showing him that?
Brooks is meant to be a police isn't he?
Judes Vale 151
Now we have George Bates' real name!
The deepest mystery is, however, how Mable's head can be in front of the rear view mirror in that first panel?

Judes Vale is a strange place.
Judes Vale 152
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Judes Vale 153
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Judes Vale 154
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