most people who live in PA are opposed to fracking & what people who support it are actually scared of is not being able to provide for their families which is a fear the dems need to have solutions for instead of continuing to support jobs that are *already leaving* our state
really frustrating to have to say this all the time! there are 26,000 fracking jobs in pennsylvania, a significant amount of people who have these jobs don’t even live here. there are almost 13 million people in this state, and MILLIONS OF THOSE PEOPLE NEED JOBS.
i understand why people who work in extractive industries support those industries, if you don’t get that then your head is in the sand. but the solution isn’t to call them backwards/reactionary and forget them, OR to chase the industry on its road to nowhere.
the solution is to create a legitimate jobs program that pays people comparable wages to their jobs in extractive industries. these workers have skills that can be translated to other work with very minimal training, we just need to decide we want to pay people to do it.
but the problem with the democrats is that they don’t actually want to fight climate change or create jobs so they instead spend their time chasing the 20-30k oil and gas workers who, yes, cannot be forgotten, but shouldn’t run the whole show either
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