This is the number one Armenian propaganda material of the day.

Well, when you look into the history of false-flag attacks, you will see that Churches, Cathedrals & Mosques are the main targets to provoke people and gain global attention. It's the oldest trick in the book.
So, these kind of religious and historical buildings are the main targets of false-flag attacks since false-flag attacks are invented. What Azerbaijan will gain from this, except bad press? Big fat of nothing!

This is literally the most classic trick for international attention.
Soldiers are appearing on the very same place for a sacred ritual before they are being dispatched to the front lines, and that's being published for propaganda.

Hours later, the same cathedral is getting hit by an artillery fire. Oh, come on! Give me a break. This is too much.
I mean what kind of coincidence is that? It feels scripted from every possible angle. You guys really shouldn't do that. Or at least do it smarter.

This one literally screams like propaganda. If it smells like propaganda and if it's presented like propaganda, it is propaganda!
There are many active churches in Azerbaijan by the way, as well as few synagogues and communities from different religious groups.

So, Azerbaijan government has no grudge against churches or any other religious building. Not even baboons attack them on this age for god's sake!
Now all Armenian accounts are talking for a secondary attack which is injured 3 Russian journalists with one critical. Seems like these guys can do anything & everything to make people believe.
Shelling a church is one thing, but shelling a church while journalists are inside? Not just any journalists but Russian journalists, like laser targeted!

Who want's to have Russia on-board since weeks? Azerbaijan? I don't think so.
Pashinyan described his struggle in foreign lands as "life or death matter", now he is really going after that.

This is dangerous though, the guy literally trying to ignite fricking WWIII to keep the lands he invaded. Someone must find his switch-off button. He is a true threat.
As expected;
Apparently, my friend Hamdi Rifai literally predicted that they are planning something tricky with that church, 21 hours ago!
They are literally highlighting it around 1:30 in a dramatic setting, bells are on. This is an emotional trigger to remind its existence to the people.

Then they are showing a ritual inside the same church next day with few brave soldiers, another trigger. Too much coincidence?
Hours later, it's magically getting hit today, twice... Well, even some journalist are working inside at second attempt. "An evil attack against mutual culture, religion, values and press freedom!". What a tragic loss isn't it?

That's how warfare propaganda works folks. Sorry.
Let's sum it up, from such an attack;

🇦🇿 Gains: ▫️ Bad press ▫️ Hatred ▫️ Pressure
🇦🇲Gains: ▫️ Victim card ▫️ Unity ▫️ Support ▫️ Coverage

To find the devil in the details, you should always look to the results, not to the action itself.
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