"Hitler had to bring industrialists on board"

What would've happen to industrialists he failed to bring on board? Night of the Long Knives?

"there was no nationalisation"

So you think Hitler would've let Siemens make toys instead of V-2s?
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If the Nazis had nationalised Siemens, they would assume operational control. But the Nazis were not businessmen or engineers. It was simply easier for them to allow for private owners and executives, to tell them what to do strategically, and let them make operational decisions.
"capitalism of the purest & most evil form"

Capitalism in is purest form is free market. Workers have the choice of whether to sell their labour & to whom. Owners & managers have the choice of what to build, what to sell, and to whom.

Siemens under the Nazis had none of these.
The Nazis, while plundering Jewish capital, failed to exploit human capital efficiently. They threw Jewish scientists and engineers in death camps and sent 'Aryan' scientists and engineers to the front.

The British and Yanks were developing radar, computers, nuclear weapons.
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