Mr.O'toole will claim he's fighting for
western 🇨🇦 but make no mistake this is the same Erin O'toole that said nothing when Jason Kenney cut $400 million from post-secondary education while tuition fees will rise by 11% this year with an additional 5% each year afterwards. 1/3
-Mr.Kenney's govt also promises a $610 million cut "efficiencies" in public sector expenses which translates to a reduction of 1,436 public sector jobs.
-Alberta’s seniors are in for a cut to drug benefits of $72 million.
Mr.Kenney's budget also commits to promises to privatize a chunk of Alberta’s health care system by outsourcing tens of thousands of surgical procedures to for-profit clinics.
There's a reason Mr.Kenney & Mr.O'toole support each other, they are not fighting for Canadians.
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