1/ Attack of the Clones 2.0
(or the CGIs, or Androids, or whatever the Hell they are)....

2/ Zuckerberg
3/ Hiden’ Biden
4/ HRC
5/ Pelosi
6/ Gates & Gates
7/ Where’s Hunter
8/ Karen Pence
9/ Mike Pence
10/ Hilton
13/ RBG (RIP)
14/Podesta (AKA Skippy)
15/Joyless Ann Reid
16/ “Hanx”
17/“Big Mike”
18/ WTF?
19/“The Lover” of Lisa Page
21/Barry’s Handler
22/Prince Charles
23/Just for laughs 😂
24/Kim Jong-un
25/The Incontinent Penguin
26/ The Commie with 3 houses
28/ The Queen (of child hunting)
Twitter Fam. Please feel free to add to this thread any doubles you might have in your own database. 👍. Thank you!
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