🧵TODAY: @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris (and Mike Pence) travel to the battleground of Arizona. It has 11 electoral votes and one of the larger Latter-day Saint populations outside of Utah.

Pence tried to court these voters in August. It didn't go well. https://medium.com/@r4npaz/a-response-to-the-latter-day-saints-for-trump-rally-in-mesa-arizona-eed62d6aad1f
The weekend before #GeneralConference, we had our second national town hall. Key noted by @tomudall, it featured voices from Arizona and North Carolina.
Meanwhile, polling was telling us what we've been seeing on the ground:

@JoeBiden is doing better with Latter-day Saints than any Democratic nominee in at least thirty years and is likely winning Latter-day Saint women outright. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/02/opinion/mormon-women-trump-arizona.html
But it isn't about #Blutah, necessarily. It's about Latter-day Saints across the national battlegrounds. Biden getting 35% of the LDS vote means a vote shift of 60,000 in Arizona & Florida; 90,000 in Texas; 30,000 in North Carolina & Georgia; 25,000 in Pennsylvania & Michigan.
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