NASA, WHO, UNESCO, UN, Interpol, CIA, FBI, KGB, MI6 & Skoda Laura Lahsun, all have hailed Mumbai Police in unearthing the TRP scam by Republic channel. In a joint press release they say it’s the biggest scam in the history of mankind. Trump is worried that he may lose elections
In a swift development, Sanjay Raut & Baby Penguin 🐧 spoke with James Bond about the TRP scam who after getting approval from MI6 is flying to Mumbai to catch the culprit in the TRP scam. BBC has got the exclusive rights for the telecast of these events because of falling TRP
James Bond who is flying to Mumbai to catch the culprit of the biggest scam in this Galaxy asked Maharashtra government for a local secret agent to work with him in the mission which is named “Mission Penguin”, Sanjay Raut offered himself saying “Agla James Bond Shivsena ka hoga”
Going through TRP scam irecords, James Bond asks Meme Police “Yahan police dope shope bhi leta?”, Commissioner refused & Bond asks “Rhea naam ka ladki thumhara jail mein tha?”, Commissioner nodded. Bond drinking Martini laughed & said “Wahi saali thumhare officer ko pudiya diya”
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