Attention all Soldiers of the Caliphate in Afghanistan:

I’m establishing our new empire and will be disbanding ISIS/ISIL. I will unite and consolidate all our military forces under one flag. You’re more than welcome to join my new military if you respect the rules of our empire.
When I arrive in Medina you will hear about it. You can prepare yourselves to join my new military for fierce operations in the Arabian Peninsula after I establish my command in the region. From there, we will build our empire and temporarily shut down all fossil fuel production.
The 9/11 terror attacks upon New York City and the Twin Towers were carried out by Russia, whom framed Sunni Muslims in retaliation for NATO terror attacks against Russia. Afghanistan was not involved. The Russians and Americans then made a secret agreement against Sunni Muslims.
From within this larger conspiracy against our real religion of Islam, a Satanic Triangle of Evil formed their own conspiracy to surround the Gulf Arabs with Shiites. The Great Whore (USA), the Vatican, and Iran, each connected by the International Bankers, and global capitalism.
That failed Anti-Christ plot against our religion was exposed. A long-term plan. Afghanistan was a victim of it. A 21st century version of Sykes-Picot. They planned to install the actual Anti-Christ (Shiite 12th ‘imam’), a fake ‘mahdi’ as leader. They started with that objective.
With Russia, we are seeking new relations, but it may not be possible until their current Head of State retires or leaves office. Until then, you can establish relations with the Russian GRU/SVR, and you can obtain equipment from them to defend yourselves against NATO aggression.
The United States military also doesn’t want to leave Afghanistan because of its commitment to radical satanic pagan extremism. However, the United States will soon collapse and you’ll be free of its global terror. The corona and more will deter its ability to threaten the world.
The United States and NATO committed massive war crimes against the believers in Afghanistan. Mass graves, mass rapes, mass destruction. They bombarded entire remote villages of civilians out of existence, then laughed. Now they’re collapsing into oblivion, and justice is coming.
Victory is only for the believers.

#Afghanistan #افغانستان

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