Air quality is something we really want to address.

It has serious impacts on health especially among our more vulnerable citizens such as children, older people, and anyone with heart or lung conditions.

Air quality is typically worse in less affluent areas too.

We publish air quality reports ever year, and an action plan every five years.

We’ve measured air quality in the city since 1998, and have made big strides since then.

Our latest air quality action plan will be completed later this year #CleanAirDay 
In 2012, ten of our monitoring sites exceeded the annual objective of pollutant levels.

In 2019, that number had fallen to two.

With no new major sources of pollution and continued hard work, we’re confident the improvements will continue #CleanAirDay
Our walking and cycling rates are among the highest in the country, and we’ve always encouraged shared travelling or use of public transport.

We have also worked with @NorfolkCC to pedestrianise parts of the city, and limit private vehicle access to certain areas.

The improvement in air quality during the #COVID19 pandemic is an indication that further progress is possible, if balanced alongside the social and economic needs of the city.

Please do take a look at the resources provided on this #CleanAirDay and help us make a difference!
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