Guys! I have something BIG to share about #MewGulf that I just discovered! 😲 At least for me it's big because I now have no doubt that MGPFG!!😚😚 +

I'm sure everyone remembers the shoulder kiss from UD event with Stamp from a while ago, it went viral and we all loved it! But +
there's one important detail we missed because we didn't know the whole knot bracelet story yet. So, just like explored in the thread by @achimnoeuI (linked), it's pretty obvious that the knot bracelet M gave to G as a gift holds a very special meaning for them both +
Only they know what it is but it's definitely very important because G doesn't want to part with it! +
So in the light of this new knowledge please watch the shoulder kiss clip again and pay close attention to M. What did he see that made him want to look at G and kiss him? Yes, the bracelet! He accidentally looked at it (for quite a while) and it made him think of its meaning+
He then looked at G's face and kissed his shoulder (twice😭) as away to let out his emotion!!
Personally, this right here is the biggest confirmation for me!! Even actual words wouldn't be as convincing as M's actions in that very moment!☀️🌻+
So the point of this thread is because we now know about the bracelet this old video is shinning in a completely new light! It gave me goosebumps for the first time and i just couldn't not share with you all!! 💖💖
Note: this is my first thread and I'm not great with words like this girl ➡️ @justair2mewgulf but I tried my best 😊 Peace to all! MGPFG✌️+
Here's the bracelet thread I mentioned above ☀️🌻☀️🌻☀️
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