The effect of making it impossible for transgender kids to access regulated wrap-around healthcare in the UK was to drive them and their families to piece together bits and pieces of healthcare from across jurisdictions and administer it with the help of YouTube videos...
... this is plainly more dangerous for those kids and their families.

But for the hobbyists who treat the bodies of transgender kids as a battleground for their political beliefs - who think they know better than actual experts - this is not enough. They are now working to...
... disrupt that patchwork (which for many in the UK includes @GenderGP) of care.

The inevitable result of this is that transgender children and their families will access treatment (readily available throughout the liberal world with the exception of the UK) via the dark web...
This plainly carries greater physical dangers still for transgender children. And all of this aside from the - clearly established - detrimental effects of this publicity on transgender children's mental health e.g.
Some days ago, I promised @GoodLawProject would support legal action to seek to protect the rights of transgender children to access proper healthcare. We have now had positive written advice from Leading and Junior Counsel and we will make an announcement shortly.
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