Irish news:
- 'on foot of'
- traffic at the Red Cow roundabout
- 12 jobs announced for Longford
- controversy over the handling of health/justice/Tusla scandal
- car accident, reported on the national hourly news bulletin
- 'senior hurling'
- Liveline drama fuels resignation
Italian news
- Pope Francis appeals for compassion for refugees
- Berlusconi scende in campo
- unions protest layoff terms in struggling industry
- right-wing positions to be powerbroker after next election
- Alitalia needs bailout
- Berlusconi scende in campo
Irish news (Northern edition):
- deadlock in Stormont
- talented local celebrated
- controversy over the behaviour of students in the Holylands
- minor matter becomes proxy sectarian row on call-in radio show
Dutch news:
- Rutte takes 'common sense' position
- Turks and Moroccans are doing something, we're not racist
- this change would make us less rich, we are cross :(
- time for a seasonal party
- what does this say about us Dutch? We ask a random academic in a tangential field
British news (London edition):
- old celebrities endorse something
- Tory backbenchers plot to overthrow leadership
- Labour woes
- happy subjects throw parties for royal milestone, war anniversary marked, no secessionism here
- poverty killed someone
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