Beyond emotions, here are some questions for MEP Roberta Metsola!

a) Who gave her the list of amendments to the resolution on #Bulgaria's #RuleOfLaw?
b) Does she know who drafted them?
c) Did she do any fact-checking?
d) Why did Roberta Metsola agree to submit these amendments?
e) Is this submission related to benefits (real or perceived) she has received in the past or will receive in the future?
f) What's the real reason for withdrawing amendment 28 last minute?
g) Has Roberta Metsola introduced herself to research on the #RuleOfLaw challenges in #Bulgaria?
h) Why did Roberta Metsola develop this sudden interest in #Bulgaria?
i) Has she talked to people from #Bulgaria prior to submitting the amendments? With whom?
j) Has Roberta Metsola read the amendments she submitted?
k) How did she identify the credibility and objectivity of the diverse links in Bulgarian she included considering she does not speak Bulgarian?
l) Why did Roberta Metsola delete comments on Facebook and block Bulgarians considering these comments contained criticism presented in a diplomatic way?
m) Does she really think it is acceptable to address voters with "Take a breath guys"?
n) Is blocking people/deleting comments you don't like acceptable for a person who is elected in office and is supposed to serve the public?
o) Is deleting comments she disagrees with her usual modus operandi?
p) When will Roberta Metsola apologize for insulting people #protesting against #Borissov and #Geshev's #corruption that they have been paid to protest?
q) Is Metsola aware what people in #Bulgaria are protesting against?
r) Has Roberta Metsola read articles in foreign media covering the #protests in #Bulgaria?
s) Has she at least bothered to read the analyses and articles in Politico, which is essentially a must-read for Brussels these days?
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