1/8 At night shelling of #Karabakh’s capital, Stepanakert, continued despite much-anticipated launch of diplomatic meetings later today.

(Apologies for no credit to this photo; got it from social media)
3/8 #Azerbaijan should be interested. Hundreds of remains of its soldiers are currently inside Armenian-controlled conflict areas. Although it is getting colder and at least some of the corpses are in plastic bags, the issue should be resolved ASAP.
4/8 Assistance to people affected by the this war is essential. Not only to those who had to leave for Yerevan. Baku should allow unconditional access for all the international organisations and governments so that they can provide humanitarian assistance to people in #Karabakh.
6/8 It is difficult to watch videos and see photos from half-destroyed Stepanakert - the town once already rebuilt after the war in 1990s.

Are there any weapons left that are not yet fired at this town? https://twitter.com/SimonOstrovsky/status/1313825513052479488
7/8 During these last days reporters mainly ask about #Turkey- #Russia role in this war. One should understand that this fighting is not only about regional powers. Major destructions of civilian areas is what drives this fighting as well.
8/8 There is a need to take care of people if one is serious about ending this war.
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