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Last night, while all the outages were hitting, a bunch of puzzle pieces snapped together. It all popped together out of nowhere, and I am going to do my very best to explain my thoughts here. This thread wont be short.
(3) Obviously, this is all going to be guesswork, and I make no assertions either way, but this is all important knowledge to possess.

The first thing I’m gonna do is lay out what I think may have been a possibility, and then I’m going to tie it all together.

•POTUS will win the election.

•[They] will claim he “cheated”, and call his refusal to leave (because he didnt lose), a coup.

(The seeds for this are already being sown - Biden “leads” the polls, Trump wont leave office peacefully, the UN may intervene?). ➡️
(5) •This is why the EAS system has been tested rigorously.

•This is why POTUS has pushed for a wall and tighter border security.

I know - 🇨🇳 and the UN invading the US to forcefully remove POTUS seems farcical, yeah? Or does it?
(6) Look at everything theyve already tried - Russia Collusion, Impeachment, Racism, CoVid, and now his Taxes. All of it was garbage, and all of it leaves me no reason to believe they wouldnt try something this drastic.

Above, I mentioned how they are already sowing seeds. ➡️
(7) What exactly do I mean? I mean they are seeding public consciousness to accept Biden win and a Trump refusal to leave office as a certainty.

Lets take a look.

1 - Biden leading narrative.

2 - Trump wont leave office peacefully narrative.
(8) It is clear that the official narrative is “Biden will win, and Trump wont leave office”.

Weve heard all of [them] yammering on about his potential “refusal” to leave office should he lose ... which we know he wont.

It is reasonable to expect that the plan ➡️
(9) will be to say he cheated to win (because with Biden’s poll lead, there’s no way Trump would win, right?)

At which point they will move towards removing him. But how? He is the C.I.C, there is simply no way they possess power over enough American troops ➡️
(10) to utilize our military to remove POTUS. How will they do it? Lets have a little dive into 🇨🇳’s military presence around the United States.

First thing to look at, is this video showing how legislation in Canada has led to a large Chi//nese military presence there 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
(11) *Description, and link to video*

(The video is 40 minutes, but dives into how 🇨🇳 is positioned to protect, and seize their assets in both Canada, and the US).

(12) Whats a little more alarming is the following video, which Ive had to split into 2 parts.

Part 1;
(13) Part 2;
(14) So none of that was shady, right? What exactly is going on here? Their mission is to “spread Chinese Spiritual Culture” throughout Canada?

In the media, it appears as if Trudeau is tough on the C/C/P, but nothing could be further from the truth.
(15) This link goes into detail about how Trudeau has recklessly put Canada, and the US at risk with his dealings with 🇨🇳.

(18) It seems though, that the sickle doesnt fall far from the Communist tree. Now, Im not gonna go down the rabbit hole in this thread, and Im no genius, but Im fairly certain that Pierre Trudeau was not Justin’s pops. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
(22) Seeing as how Bei//jing has 2 Canadian citizens detained, isn’t it a bit weird that Canada sent a contingent of 171 soldiers to a Military Competition in 🇨🇳??

(24) Ya, this just keeps getting better (or is it worse?) https://mb.ntd.com/ccp-virus-follows-communist-china-ties-to-canada_461432.html
(26) ‘Member this? We all knew it was a Deep St*ate attempt on POTUS, but I always believed someone internally trying this would be nearly impossible. However, is it possible 🇨🇳 hacked a US sub to fire the missile? Why did they install a monitoring device so close??
(31) And here is another short vid (pics included) of 🇨🇳 military bases in Mexico;
(33) Read #1 again.
(34) Super Satellites. The kind that can carry DEW’s. So. Now ask yourself why POTUS got Space Force up and running so quickly. Is it all becoming a little clearer now? Do you see what POTUS is up against? Not only are we effectively surrounded by 🇨🇳 .. ➡️
(35) but our schools, medical institutions and right on down to local government and police have been infiltrated.
(37) I am having a hard time sourcing these - however they appeared in a few videos I have seen, and I want to include them. View these with a grain of salt, however.

🇨🇳 Military Bases in Mexico.
(39) The prior article evening pointing out that 🇨🇳 influences out media to a great deal as well.
(41) Now, I am sorry if we jump around a bit here. POTUS got CoVid, and everyone was consumed with that, so I took a break in writing.

I am gonna bounce back to Canada for a moment, with this look at 🇨🇳’s further infiltration of our Northern neighbors; https://blog.nationalcitizensalliance.ca/chinas-infiltration-of-canada-been-ongoing-for-decades/
(46) This is recent, and piqued my interest, here we have a report that recent C/C/P propaganda has including simulated attacks on America; https://freebeacon.com/national-security/china-intensifies-propaganda-to-include-simulated-strike-on-american-soil/amp/#click=https://t.co/mYm1wvIMA4
(47) I’ll take this time to remind you again that 🇨🇳 also possesses a list or their favorite Governors. Pretty sure we know what names on the second list have flipped to “friendly” at this point.
(50) I know, they are built here and shipped abroad, but it doesnt erase the fact that they are *already here*, and ya know what? When Snopes “debunks” it, I get even more wary about it.
(51) So, I have done a pretty good job at highlighting how well 🇨🇳 has infiltrated not only us, but Canada and Mexico. And I have also highlighted how we have been seeded to accept a Trump win as false, and how a UN narrative is kind of (albeit loosely) being established.
(52) Now I wanna pivot towards why you neednt worry, and why I dont think the plan involves literal military on our soil. I just wanted to make you aware of all of that.

You see, the insurrection is already happening and [their] army is already here.
(53) Antifa, and BLM. These are their “army”. And weve seen both, how effective they are at destruction and division, and how easily US Marshals are able to handle them - and we havent even seen the IA .... yet ..
(54) For a refresher on the violence Antifa/BLM have wrought on our country, please see here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 https://twitter.com/absolute1776/status/1301132524123566080?s=21
(55) For a refresher on the Insurrection Act, please see here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 https://twitter.com/absolute1776/status/1300067287773458432?s=21
(56) Now. Having laid out how the infiltration has happened, and how the Insurrection Act works, there should be no question at all that we will see the IA declared at some point to handle this.

💧34 details just this (IMO)
(58) Rest assured, our nation is secure, and will not be getting invaded. However, I did believe had she won, the above scenario would have played out. I believe we would have seen a 🇨🇳/UN invasion of the US mainland.

If you arent familiar with the 16yr plan, have a look!;
(60) I believe this is a meeting in which POTUS was given alllll the dirt on the level of 🇨🇳 infiltration within our country. As I7 says “we have it all”.

Speaking of I7, allow the following drops to put your mind at ease as well…
(61) All of these specifically mention that we are safe and protected.
(62) As an additional safety net, remember that these are the guys [they] have ultimately chosen to pick a fight with;
(63) And this is the amendment that ensures we neednt only rely on military to stave off any invasions or attacks;
(64) In closing; I believe had she won, we’d be seeing a 🇨🇳/UN rollout by now, and we’d be well under a Socialist grip much like Venezuela.

Instead, we elected a POTUS who brought our troops home, built our military up, and has made sure our nation is secure ..➡️
(65) such attacks. Yes, we have sene unbridled violence all over, but that is because that is the only option for invasion that [they] have left. And as frustrating and painful as it is to see, just remember that the Insurrection Act will stamp all of this out within 24 hours.
(66) As @LLinWood said, the Insurrection Act must be declared in the perfect timing. I suspect it will be declared to coincide with arrests or indictments of big name players. And I suspect we arent far away from that moment.
(67) As always, put on the Armor of God, have faith, and have conviction. We are on the precipice of a brand new world.

God bless all of you with love, light, and peace.

And remember; Dark To Light, God Wins.
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