"Why is ao3..." a thread, because I'm bored. Let's go (leave questions in the quotes if ya want)
Why is ao3 Tae always in uni for art?
Why is Hobi always straight/bisexual with a strong lean towards women?
Why is Jk ALWAYS a dad at the age of 17-19?
Why does the mom always run away?
Why is ao3 Viktor Nikiforov always an old man?
Why is j1min a homewrecker?
why is jimin always this tease/flirt that’s likely to cheat on his partner?
Why is Joon nicer in a fanfic when in real life he'd most likely (passively aggressively) put you in your place?
Why is Jackson always holding a party?
Why is every main girl named Mina?
Why does Yoongi always have Daddy problems?
Why is Jin always cooking for these nggas?
more importantly why is hobi always single in every au? He deserves love too man
Why is Lisa the lesbian friend?
Why is he always yoongis brother?
Why are Tae and Joon always Cousins?
Or Taejin (or sometimes jinkook) brothers?
Why do yall make yoongi so cold when really he's like the softest memeber out of all of em?
Why is Jin also so nice when hed probably tell you off too?
Why do they make Hoseok the dumb friend/child like?
Why does the cockblocker/ex/homewrecker lie about [person] being the father when she know damn well she was cheatin
Why is joon always divorced when he's a single dad?
Why do some of yall describe jungkook like a LITERAL child. Mannerism mostly
I'm running out of ideas...hmm
How come everytime the mom comes back, she's like "now I know I messed up, but can i see my kid? Lol" ? And the dad is like "nah fxk you"
How come in a yoonseok fic, yoongi is like "I dont like Hobi. Yes I do. I dont because I do. No I didnt" and Hobi is COMPLETELY oblivious?
Why is jk always beating tf out of someone?
Why is Joon always in uni because of a business related course? His rich dad?
Why is the rich dad almost always a pos, and the mom is sitting there like "😔"
why are people always cooking kimchi and having it for dinner, kimchi is either a side dish or a component to fried rice, stews, and soup please specify what your doing with the kimchi pleaaaseeee
Why is Hobi lowkey the horniest mf in there?
Why is Jimin or Joon often having an existential crisis?
Why is Joon always a workaholic when it comes to School?
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