Hi- I live in fracking central.

Fracking is bad. I hate it.

No one is going to ban it in the near term, period, because no one wants to be the one to make people’s lights go out or push everyone back to coal. If you hate fracking, you should be pushing for green energy.
Green energy and renewables have been cockblocked the past four years, but the best way to get rid of fracking is to make energy from green sources and renewables cheaper than fracking. And then industry will switch to them like power companies are currently fleeing coal to gas.
So when Harris says Joe Biden will not ban fracking, she’s not shitting on environmentalists or attacking AOC, she’s just being fucking honest.
also, you should really read the actual Green New Deal, much of which is aspirational. You simply could not do everything in it immediately without honestly shutting everything down.
Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. I am now going back to World of Warcraft.
oh one more thing- Fracking is bad in like 400 different ways. It is really, bad. But it is better than coal.
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