So $2,000,000 dollars to hire a firm to study policing? @jkenney @YourAlberta @Alberta_UCP Are you dumb? Are you stupid? Or are you just Dumb & Stupid?
Let me break it down for know so you can understand it better.

Aish clients take home $1685.00 per month.

That is mind you only if they are entitled to their full most people are not due to working or spouses income. But I digress...
So Aish clients get:

$1685.00 per month

That works out to:

$20,220 per year

Your $2,000,000 could help a total of 99 AISH clients for one year!
Teachers get a base salary of:

$72,391 (Don’t shoot the messenger as I got this info directly by calling @AdrianaLaGrange’S office)

Your $2,000,000 could’ve helped by hiring roughly an additional 27 more teachers for one year, throughout the province of Alberta!
I could go on but you wouldn’t care because you don’t. You just enjoy spending Albertans money and squandering it away like nothing!

You and your government are leeches. You are leeching Alberta dry. You are causing a “Brain Drain” and driving people from Alberta in droves!!!!!
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