here come the livetweets
just hearing a crowded room made my anxiety go up
i wish these speakers were wearing masks
at every debate they say "dont clap dont cheer dont get involved" and no one ever listens lol
they announced all these students but the camera never panned out so i didn't even know they were there until they were walking away
another speaker can we just start the debate PLEASE
why are we just staring at this lady with her back to the camera what is happening
alright here we go
she asked him why the US has the highest death rate and he's talking about blocking travel from China
"you'll always be in our hearts and prayers" IS THIS A FUCKING JOKE
god i hate pence, why is he talking for so fucking long
wow. "stop playing politics with people's lives" said by mike fucking pence
Kamala Harris isnt answering the fucking question either i hate it here
lmao rip this thread, im fucking done. i can't watch this shit
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