tw police brutality

non american mutuals read this please:

george floyd's murderer has posted bail and is being released from prison. please help fight back on this. ill be posting zipcodes, petitions, and email templates here as I find them.
firstly, here's some zipcodes you can use if you're outside the US:


(there are of course more, but these are easy to remember)
justice for Gloria Bambo
mandatory life sentence for officers who commit police brutality
here's a very helpful carrd with resources to email your representatives - even if you don't have enough time to craft your own email, you can copy/paste these templates but make sure you edit at least a couple details so it bypasses the spam filters 
free Siyanda Mngaza, a woman who was jailed for defending herself against racial abuse 
reminder: DO NOT donate to . the donations do not help the cause, quite a few of these petitions have gofundme links - donate to those
i'm still looking for more petitions - if you have any i missed please let me know!

also, please make sure to sign everything in this thread. it's a relatively simple process and will help a lot
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