"i used attaboy as my alarm tone and damn one of my best decisions in life now i hate it more"
"when i first got into red velvet i would have never thought they would be furries"
"Yr Reveluv is boring please change it to Yarbz ... i think yeri would love it too 😣"
"that seulgi photoshoot where they made her eyebrows look like the angry birds im never forgiving them for that also the amount of memes that came from that"
"level up is so boring but i forced my self to watch it to get to know the members"
"A lot of reveluvs don't watch LevelUp and I think that's a problem"
"some random girl grabbed my boob at redmare,,, i didn't say shit though cause i kinda liked it"
"ppl always say red velvet dont seem close when they are literally family ?? just because they dont do riduclous amounts of fanservice doesnt make them not close"
"baetokkis is so embarrassing why is no one embarrassed by this name"
"i dont see the hype around kingdom come its a cute song thats about it"
"wendy stans are the most annoying on this app they cant take a joke and always complain"
"yeri stans are the most chill because they're the least"
"i think it’s weird how some of you guys keep calling seu!gi stupid..."
"wenrene shipper are the worst they need to stop doing 18+ edits"
"the way that i have a crush on one reveluv her @ is @chaengskangs,this is embarrassing because i never talk to her 😭"
"Shippers should just leave Irene alone. Period. Not everything she does is related to S or W 🤷‍♀️"
"reveluvs say seulgi is the panic gay but shes the straightest"
"as a fanboy i feel so unwelcomed in this fandom"
"stop calling irene a milf! if ur so brave in calling her that, try saying it to her face. let's see if she likes it."
"Joy will probably be the first one to get married."
"i’m a blink i saw reveluvs selca day on my tl and black reveluvs are the prettiest"
"reveluv confession: Some should move on from yeri and saeron's issue."
"yeri will be so successful in the future i can feel it"
"I’m a straight luvie but sometimes I feel that all of the reveluvs hate straight/het"
"I’m a straight reveluv
Havent tried reading fanfics
I dont have a specific ship

I’m here because of their talents and discography so please normalize having straight reveluvs in this fandom"
"Joy has a really complex personality but Reveluvs continue to try to fit her into a box of being extroverted and bubbly"
"feel like a big part of the fandom wouldn’t handle dating news well (particularly w+s+i stans)"
"solo stans are not bad"
"Idk why reveluvs are always fighting with other fandoms when our only true enemy is nctzens"
"reveluvs and orbits are the blueprint for gg stan Twitter and are super funny but the way they gatekeep their favs is embarrassing, convinced they hate their idols"
"Revluvs may deny but most of their koreans fans are men. Just check the votes for Irene and Seulgi on Gallup."
"we're actually so boring as a fandom like i don't wanna be like blinks bc theyre psychotic but i want some spice 😩"
tw// homophobia
"redvelvet hates gay people so all luvies should be hetero,,, they are probably disgusted to have gay fans"
"all yarbz do is act edgy and like different breed of fans but they never stream any yeri content. tbh they're the " I'm not a regular mom I'm a cool mom" I feel so sorry for yr reveluvs"
"stop filtering the submissions and post the juicy stuff i submitted yall boring let's be problematic for once🙄"
urmmm anyways moving on
"As a yr reveluv if i count the times seulrene shippers use yeri as the ‘child’ of the ‘kang fam’ then maybe the views in dear diary isn’t flunked as it is"
"this is a geniuine question, but what are reveluvs good at? bc it doesn't look like there is anything besides being gay"
im gonna keep going cause there's alot but dont bother dragging the girl's cause im obviously not gonna post that
"i want joy and rose to date so bad like SO BAD PLEASE DATE PLEASE IM BEGGING"
"am i the only one who started reading RV fanfics for the ships but now read them more for the story because some writers are just THAT good? if you take away the ship and replace them with random characters ill still eat that shit up amen"
"Red velvet is used by fandoms as toke stanning alot. Specially blinks."
"Seulmate is an ugly fandom name. Its ugly and uncreative."
"It's time to stop the 'red velvet hates men' agenda. Just because yall hate men doesnt mean the girlies do as well. This is partly why they don't interact that much with their friends from opposite sex because their fans are misandrists."
"reveluvs are boring and too sensitive why why why"
"Reveluvs are heterophobic that's why red velvet have low physical album sales."
"if i meet irene in irl im not begging for an autograph im snatching that purse and bolting"
"Yall say exoluvs annoying, armyluvs annoying, blinkluvs annoying but look at the common denominator its "luv" they're the problem"
"i want rv to do a bp song like pretty savage and kill this love"
"Why are luvies so concerned if the girls live together or not? They're adults. They have lives & homes outside of the dorm."
"I hate luvies who talk more about Irene being a rich milf instead of her being a great leader & a talented performer 😒"
"One time at Redmare someone screamed “Stan ATEEZ” and I yelled “WHO?” And everyone laughed
Istg im not making this shit up lmaooo"
"just wanted to say fuck reveluvs i hate you all"
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