While it's *GREAT* that Twitter's "Health" Design Lead says they're open to feedback.... I don't know if they'd listen.

Someone that hates Trump and white people has probably already made up their minds. 🙄
Seriously though. "Fuck you and the rest of Trump’s cronies" says Twitter's HR Program Manager Blair Hunter-Lull. https://archive.is/d3WIL 

Generally speaking, having a political activist run the HR department seems like a bad idea! Twitter or no Twitter. https://archive.is/3kBxt 
Blair's husband Travis also works at Twitter.

This tweet not only shows off political bias in the traditional sense, it also goes against something the company dinged President Trump for saying just yesterday.

It's ok when Twitter staff does this sort of thing though. NBD.
"DM me if you want a referral ✌🏼" said Twitter's Events lady.

I'm 110% sure she'd only give that referral if you hated Trump.

Twitter as a website really is a reflection of the staff that run it.
What is anyone supposed to make of a Twitter Product Recruiter like Julie Mendoza, who called Trump's #Coronavirus news a BLESSING? https://archive.is/GlWhg 

Even though Julie herself knows cheering on for the President's demise is against the site's rules.
"shit so real rn I keep forgetting we in a global pandemic" -- Twitter's Head of Strategic Operations. https://archive.is/XmFrX 

That explains why they helped promote protesting in June. https://archive.is/8FHiR 
(Twitter supposedly had RULES against public gatherings. ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ )
HAD A HARD TIME finding out Lara Kate is Twitter's Partnership Lead. Her profile is top-to-bottom political activism crap.

As a "partnership lead" this lady is clearly an anti-Trump gatekeeper ideologically steering the course of the company! Geez.
"Trump is a demon" -- Twitter Engineer https://archive.is/AlRqY 
"TWITTER IS UNBIASED" you say, as I show you a Twitter Site Reliability Engineer calling President Trump a "fucking baboon."


Dude didn't even think Trump really had #Coronavirus
But yes.

Diversity means having Communist Twitter Software Engineers who hate America.
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