Welcome to Day 2 of the OG Shadow Briefing. Since @PressSec is out for a bit, we'll be taking the questions of the day and giving real answers to distinguish them from the ones you get from the WH. So let me start on @potus condition. He says he feels great and his drs agree
2. In fact they are just taking his word for it. When the asked him how he felt, he said great. When they asked him what his symptoms were he said none. When the asked to take his temperature he said he'd already done it and it was normal. Same on the blood pressure. He checked
3. it himself, being the warrior he is. In fact he said overnight he injected himself with some antibodies he ordered online the day before. When the DRs asked to take blood, he said he'd already done the tests himself and if the came near him with a needle he'd order the
4. Secret Service to shoot them. So when you read the Doctor Daffy's letter today now you have the context. With that let's get to questions. Q. Is the President going to watch the VP debate tonight and what is he expecting. A. He's looking forward to it. @VP has agreed to fall
5. on the sword. He's going to say Trump wanted to be tougher, but @vp overruled him. Trump was for masks, but @vp wouldn't do it. Trump was for contact tracing and shutting down the country to kill the virus and @vp said open up by Easter. Finally @vp is going to cop to giving
6. @realDonaldTrump the coronavirus. It was deliberate and he's ready to face the consequences. Whether he lives or dies will be decided in a network special the night before the third debate. Voters can vote for a slight fee payable to the Trump org. He's very excited about
7. whole thing. Q. Can you rule out the President's actions are not being influenced by the steroids he's taking. A. We've spend a lot of time on this exact question. I know it seems like he's acting a little crazy right now, but the reality is its no crazier than he normally
8. acts. Compare both the tone and the quantity of tweets and you won't find much of a difference except the time he was constipated and had a lot more free time. Q. You want us to believe that these powerful steroids are having no impact on him. A. I've got a theory on that.
9. When you go into the hospital not only do you get the drugs you need to recover, but they stop giving you the drugs you've been taking just to get by you know...just til election day...maybe a little longer. The lack of those substances were offset by the steroids. What we're
10. worried about is now that he's back at the White House unmonitored there might be some pharmaceutical cocktails mixed. All i can say is stand by, tomorrow might be interesting. Q. Is the President worried about the health of Stephen Miller. A. Not really. As @PhilippeReines
11. smartly pointed out the rest of America has been practicing social distancing from Miller since he was a child. Q. Martha McSally refused to say last night in a debate whether she was proud of the President or not. Does that concern the President. A. Not yet because we're
12. keeping the news from him. Please don't report that, I'm not sure he, or twitter, could handle this at this point. Q. The President tweeted this morning sowing more doubt about the safety of the ballots in the election. Does he have any evidence to back that up?
13. Of course not. This is the plan he's had in mind for months. He plan to suppress the vote, cast doubt on the ballots and then declare the election invalid which will be backed up by the Supreme Court. He got a big boost yesterday when AG Fred Flinstone loosened the barriers
14. for the DOJ to intervene in the election process. So he's got this all set up. That's why his campaign is not worried that he keeps tweeting stupid things. Q. On that front, what political benefit does the President think he's getting by calling off the stimulus talks.
15. A. None really. He just wanted to show everyone that he's still in charge. And if millions of people suffer and tens of thousands die, well it is what it is. Q. What would the President need to consider invoking the 25th amendment. A. That's a tough one. Ahead of the
16. we decided he probably needed to learn about the amendments to the constitution. On a pop quiz he only knew the second. He couldn't believe how stupid the first and fourth were. But he seemed somewhat familiar with the fifth. Unfortunately we only get to the 14th before he
17. sick. So he doesn't really know what that amendment is. Q. Is the President concerned that both the CDC and the FDA have pushed back on him in the last few days. A. Yes, he's very concerned about that and he'll have a few personnel announcements to make later today. I can
18. give you a hint though. Bill Barr will be taking over at both agencies and will have Matt Gaetz and Marsha Blackburn serving as his deputies. So don't worry, we'll have a vaccine to take by the third debate, in the last segment, i mean literally he's going to take it and
19. Biden to do the same. It's going to be awesome. It will make the Truman balcony look dignified. Q. The President attacked Steve Schmidt for a tweet and spent some time tweeting back and forth with Ari Fleisher. Is that really the best use of the President's time 27 days
20. before the election? A. Look at it from our perspective. Was anyone killed by those tweets. Did a riot erupt from those tweets? Were they racist? Were they anti-semitic? No to all of those. Which means it's a great use of his time politically. Q. The President is saying
21. Hillary Clinton participated in a coup against his government. That's not backed up by the facts or the selective disclosures. A. You're not looking at it the right way. Of course it's not true but when he engineers his own coup he just wants to blame Hillary for it.
22. He watched a lot of Fox in the last 24 hours and in a steroid stupor he was ranting around the residence saying "i'm going to beat Hillary like a drum. I can't wait until she calls me to concede. I'm going to record it and tweet it out. Q. That's crazy, she's not on the
23. A. Again, please don't tell him that. He's at a difficult point right now and you know a positive attitude fueled by lies and fraud is the best medicine. Q. Does the President really believe he can put out the California wildfires himself. A. Maybe that one is just the
24. steroids. Q. Why is the President so eager to get back to the Oval office. A. It's a form of FOMO we call FOMC. fear of missing Covid. There's a superspreader party there tonight and he just can't miss it. Q. The President does seem unhinged today, are you sure he's ok?
25. A. Of course i'm not but when has he been hinged? The guy has been a nutcase long before he came to DC and will be a nutcase long after...although there's a chance he'll be wearing orange in nutcase public housing. We're just going to tell him it's the second term Oval and
26. he'll still be making all the decisions, but he will communicate with his staff solely by twitter, which will of course be connecting to nothing. We'll create a safe and pleasant environment for him to serve his "second" term. That's a big announcement so i'll leave it there
27. I'm tired so could you please just report that i stomped out? Thanks appreciate it.
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