Scientific and medical research should be funded by the government or the public for the benefit of all.

Research projects should be based upon merit not what is the most profitable.

Under capitalism this is impossible.
Scientists and researchers have to spend up to 50 percent of their time begging for money.

Then they are beholden to who pays for their research and in many cases are not allowed to speak freely about their research.
Imagine how many medical advancements could be possible if research received the military's budget.
One research scientist said he spends so much of his time defending his research from cyber attacks and our government does practically nothing to help.
So many medical conditions do not have newer safer treatments because they are expensive to research and not as profitable as others.

Better to continue milking old pharmaceuticals than spend the time and money developing new treatments for less profit.

We screw ourselves.
Why do we not develop medicines and treatments just for the sake of improving lives or ending suffering?
Why does a drug or treatment have to be profitable to be considered?

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