Be Careful of These Addictions

In the modern world, there are tons of addictions that will ruin and destroy your life if you're not careful

Let's take a look

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

This is one of the most common forms of addiction in modern society. Most people take this stuff in order to block out their inner trauma and emotional distress. They also take it to feel comfortable in their own skin as they can't let loose naturally
Porn Addiction

This is a growing problem among young men. Porn damages the dopamine center in the brain and causes erectile dysfunction. This leaves you lethargic, lazy and low energy. It also leaves you unmotivated to find a real life partner
Work Addiction

The workaholic works on his craft 24/7. Working hard is great and should be done, but not at the expense of your family or mental/physical health
Social Media Addiction

Social media is the worse addiction on the planet. While social media can be useful, the majority of people use it in a bad way that leaves them depressed and anxious. This is usually through self image comparisons and online drama/gossip
Netflix & Video Games Addiction

Watching Netflix and playing video games every so often is fine. However, a lot of people are binging these two activities so much that they ignore other important areas of their life
Laziness Addiction

Laziness is a growing issue that leads to people not accomplishing their goals or achieving anything great. While we all enjoy a lazy day, it should only be done sparingly
Self Attack Addiction

Most people don't like themselves. In fact, they spend all day speaking negatively and belittling themselves. This becomes a reoccurring problem that leads to an addiction of self hate
Technology Addiction

Most people can't spend 20 minutes away from their phone. We now live in a world where even though we're more connected than ever by the internet, we're more disconnected from real human life interaction

All of us will encounter some of these addictions at one point or another. It's important you recognize the negative effects these can have on your life

By doing so, you'll be more consciously aware and be able to avoid any bad outcomes or traps

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