Today, I learnt something worth sharing. Hanumanji is an immensely popular deity among tribals of Chota Nagpur region.
They have a tradition of celebrating Hanuman Jayanti on चैत्र शुक्ला नवमी every year.
There is an आंजन village in Ranchi, which is considered maruti's birthplace
On birthday of both Ram and Hanuman these ppl carry out processions with flags which they address as flag of mahaveer. Not one but many tribes take part in such processions and almost 500-700 flags of Hanumanji can be seen being waved.
There is a विरहोड़ tribe, which has it's a own विरहोड़ रामायण.They read it on such important days. In this version Hanuman ji enters Lanka& assumes form of a parrot and puts Mudrika of Ram in pot which is taken by a Rakshasi to Sita. Much of plot is same as conventional Ramkatha
Munda tribe has a छाउ dance. They believe Hanumanji gave this dance to world. As per them when Hanumanji leapt unto Sun to engulf it, Gods tried to protect him, they with beautiful costumes and instruments began dancing to distract Hanumanji +
Hanumanji came back and danced with them. The dance that emanated then from Hanuman was lauded by Gods. Munda tribes call it छाउ
There are numerous folk songs on Hanumanji in Saadri and Mundari language. They have composed a Hanuman Shatak in Saadri.
There is one Ho (हो) tribe, which has post called पाट, means a divine entity. They say their पाट is none other than Hanumanji.
I shared summary of a write up published in Hanuman Ank of @GitaPress

It is fitting that Bhagwan descends on bhuloka primarily to spread his कीर्ति which would liberate the mortals. और जब भगवान की कीर्ति फैलती है तो जन जन तक पहुँचती है।
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