Confirms Azeribaijan's seizure of Jabrayil
Adding Aliyev's claims (cyan), in addition to locations confirmed to be captured via geolocated footage (green)
Azerbaijanis claiming the seizure of Horadiz, and show a bunch of captured armor, but the only shot I was able to geolocate was between the original frontlines. Don't think they've advanced very far up the valley
A couple changes:
-September 27 Azeri MoD claim of taking Murovdag peak
-October 8 geolocation in no man's land southeast of Horadiz, plus the Horadiz claim by Azeri MoD
According to Aliyev's...belligerent speech today, some new claimed (but not confirmed) seizures by Azerbaijan
Aliyev's claims of reaching Hadrut appear confirmed, with fighting inside the town and a geolocated Armenian sniper position to its northwest
New geolocations:
-Daskesen footage
-A bit more dubious on the Hadrut situation, but Armenian forces are saying that Azeri troops have been pushed to the hills south of the town, so that much is (probably) confirmed
-Confirmation that Azerbaijan holds all of Horadiz
New footage from Mataghis, but no new territory. Azeris seems very comfortable moving around though
New footage from Süleymanlı is more confirmation of the large advance north to Hadrut
-Added roads that Azeri forces are likely using
-Azerbaijan has taken 325 sq km of Artsakh, or 2.8%, over the past two weeks
Footage from Merdinli confirms that Azeri forces have successfully crossed the lines on a third front; 39.599009 47.273393
Video taken from Hadrut valley, but not the town itself; 39.520128 47.010490 - could be outdated, but matches the direction that Armenian sniper teams on the other side of the valley were shooting
More geolocations confirm that Azeri troops have not (yet) entered Hadrut, but did occupy Tagaser and probably Vanq villages in the Hadrut valley
NKR Defense Army video shows the location in the mountains where Azeri troops were killed attacking Armenian positions, 40.261283 46.445155
Film shows aftermath of an ambush in the mountains west of Talish that killed dozens of Azerbaijani troops, first seen in a video published by the NKR Army on October 1 [] - means that Mount Arega was captured on or before October 1
Footage from outside Fuzuli means a huge advance from Merdinli by Azerbaijani forces, and Aliyev claimed more villages near Hadrut.

As it stands, Azerbaijan has - at a minimum - seized ~400 sq km of #NagornoKarabakh, or 3.4%
Some new claims from Aliyev
Seems Azerbaijani troops entered at least parts of Hadrut, and are managing to get vehicles into the town. Doesn't sound like there's still heavy fighting going on either
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