I get not voting for Trump because you dislike him, but when you say you're voting straight ticket Dem because you dislike him, please stop pretending you're a conservative.
It's a stupid and irrational argument at odds with all historical evidence.

I'll vote Dem to teach the GOP a lesson!

Yeah, and the lesson they learn -always- is to be more like Democrats.
Looking at how the current slate of Dems are acting and what they are openly proposing should they retake the reins of power is anathema to our continuation as a republic. Any argument you make to support such policies b/c you're wearing orange colored glasses are garbage.
I'm going to vote for more taxpayer funded abortions up to and after birth. And more taxes! And no right to work in any state! And packing SCOTUS! That proves just how conservative I am. - said no honest person ever
Less freedom, more government intervention, and lasting damage to this country because Orange Man Bad? Sign me up!- said no actual conservative
3rd party or abstain b/c you don't like Trump? That, I get. Happily voting straight ticket Dem b/c you don't like Trump? Let's just say that your conservative bonafides do not exist, regardless of how you present yourself.
Oh, and one final thought. After you've voted straight ticket Dem as a "lifelong conservative", I don't want to hear one f*cking complaint from you when things go south which they will.

"OMG, I didn't know this would happen!"

Me: STFD and STFU. Forever.
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