As the commentariat finishes with SSR and now goes to town about BJP-JDU-LJP, a look at some of the REAL issues in Bihar not getting attention. 1/15
Read that report to also see how extraordinary understaffing of medical facilities is in Bihar.
This is a state where the informal economy provides sustenance. It was hammered by demonetisation, then the cash crunch, and now is in a deeper hole due to lockdowns and the end of migrant remittances. Again, not an election issue worth debating. 11/15
It’s easy to understand why politicians don’t want to talk about these real issues. In some, they are bereft of answers. In others, they profit from these egregious processes. What is striking is how our commentariat helps them get away. 15/15
PS: CLR James comes to mind. What do they know of cricket that only cricket know, he had written.
That applies to #BiharElections . What do they know of politics that only politics know?
I will now say SIGH.
And End.
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