THREAD: Many folks believe that selling a positive narrative about Pakistan can help the country and its economy.

But can a slick campaign to market Brand Pakistan succeed when Product Pakistan is facing serious issues?

I will share just a few recent stories to make my point 👇
First up, international investors and companies seek to invest in politically stable economies.

Pakistan has been politically unstable for decades.

Recently, opposition parties have decided to launch a protest movement.

Right or wrong, these protests make investors uneasy.
They also look for a low inflation environment with reliable supply of energy. This helps make them build financial models where returns can be predicted.

Pakistan continues to have high rates of inflation and is about to face yet another gas shortage in winter months.
Businesses also seek a stable operating environment where unpredictable policy decisions are not the norm. In recent weeks, PTA has moved to ban internet platforms like TikTok, Tinder, and others.

This sows doubt about companies about Pakistan's viability as a market.
They also look for good quality infrastructure in urban centers and around ports.

Karachi, Pakistan's industrial hub that has the largest port, was underwater just a few weeks ago. Its infrastructure is crumbling, meaning that businesses operating there face higher costs.
Additionally, both labor- and capital-intensive companies look for a decently educated and skilled workforce.

Pakistan's literacy rates hover around 60% and are much lower for women. Additionally, the quality of education leaves a lot to be desired.
Today, Pakistan performs much, much worse than some Sub-Saharan African countries.

It has a product, not a marketing / brand problem.

Read more by clicking on the link below, where I talked about this issue in greater detail.
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